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Educating DFW Traders and Investors Since 1993

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Welcome to AfTA!

The DFW Association for Technical Analysis (AfTA) is recognized as one of the nation's largest and most active volunteer organizations focusing on technical and investment analysis.

If you have an interest in technical analysis techniques that may help you make better trading/investing decisions........and are looking to learn from some of the world's most prominent sources of reliable information, then we have a lot to offer you.

We bring to you live and in person  the "Best of Breed" educators, traders, investors and software developers at our monthly meetings.  We have Special Interest Groups where local speakers present their personal methods of making profits in the markets.

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Our Next Event

    Meeting # 8:

Allan Ellman

Date: April 17, 2018
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration 6:30)
Duration: 2 hours +/-
Location: Crowne Plaza

How to Generate Monthly Cash Flow and Purchase a Stock at a Discount Using Two Low-Risk Option Strategies: Covered call Writing and Selling Cash-Secured Puts

tock option strategies can be crafted to meet specific goals and match personal risk-tolerance. This presentation will focus on two low-risk option-selling strategies geared to generating monthly cash flow and buying a stock at a discount. Five actionable strategies will be discussed and information will be provided for both beginner and more advanced option traders:

•    Covered call writing
•    Selling cash-secured puts
•    The PCP (put-call-put) strategy
•    Portfolio overwriting (leveraging our long-term buy-and-hold              portfolios to achieve higher returns)
•    The zero-dollar collar

Free DVDs and free access to the Ellman call and put calculators will be available to all attendees.

Bio:  Dr. Ellman is President of The Blue Collar Investor Corp and author of four best-selling books on the subject of covered call writing. His 4th book, Stock Investing for Students, is now required reading at The University of Maryland, Ramapo College and other educational institutions. His fifth publication, Selling Cash-Secured Puts has also become a best-seller. He has also produced several DVD educational programs of this subject. Over the past few years, Alan has been a frequent guest on financial forums such as the Options Industry Council’s Wide World of Options. He is also a national speaker for The Money Show, the Stock Traders Expo the American Association of Individual Investors.  He writes weekly articles for his award-winning blog as well as various financial publications in the US and abroad.

Alan wears many hats as he is also a retired General Dentist, a licensed real estate salesperson, a certified personal trainer and has successfully completed the Series 65-Investment Advisor Rep requirements. Alan’s passion is his desire to educate average retail investors how to become CEOs of their own money using his favorite strategies…covered call writing and selling cash-secured puts.

Alan’s books on Amazon:



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