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Welcome to AfTA!

The DFW Association for Technical Analysis (AfTA) is recognized as one of the nation's largest and most active volunteer organizations focusing on technical and investment analysis.

If you have an interest in technical analysis techniques that may help you make better trading/investing decisions........and are looking to learn from some of the world's most prominent sources of reliable information, then we have a lot to offer you.

We bring to you live and in person  the "Best of Breed" educators, traders, investors and software developers at our monthly meetings.  We have Special Interest Groups where local speakers present their personal methods of making profits in the markets.

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Meeting #1:     

Date:                Sep 18, 2018

Speaker:          Manesh Patel


Time:               7:00 pm        

Topic:              Using Seasonality for Trends and Multiple Time-Frame Simplified

This session will cover two subjects.
"Seasonality in the Modern Age.  Use it to Find Higher Probability Trades that are Trending".
Seasonality has become a common word now.  Some have had success and some have failed.  In order to use seasonality, you need to take into account volatility, how much it trended, and money management.    In this workshop, we will change how you look at seasonality completely.  You will learn how to take advantage of a 58% probability and turn it into a high probability winner! 
Here are some of the things you will learn:
    o  New formula that incorporates volatility
    o  How to determine if an instrument is trending.  
    o  How to calculate reward/risk for seasonality.
    o  Find high probability opportunities for any global market opportunity
    o  How to use pattern recognition to take a 50% probability and win with it.
    o  Combine seasonality and technical analysis

"Multiple Time-Frame Analysis Simplified"
Combine multiple time-frame analysis with your favorite charting tools, from Fibonacci to Bollinger Bands for additional insight into any market.  See the new iMTF® Indicator in action!

In this session, the following topics will be covered:
    o  Understand where day traders, short-term, and long-term traders all come together   
    o  Learn how to use multiple time-frame analysis at a glance
    o  Witness iMTF® combined with Ichimoku, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, and more

Speaker Bio:   Manesh Patel, CMT, CFT is a veteran quantitative trader and is the President and Co Founder of IchimokuTrade and the originator of IMTF® Technology.
He has authored the book “Trading with Ichimoku Clouds” published by Wiley Publishing.
Manesh spent many years trading for Institutional Trading firms building Black Box trading models and many other trading tools designed to get an edge trading the markets.
Manesh mission now is to take all his Institutional knowledge and trading tools and give t
hem to the retail trader.


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