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The DFW Association for Technical Analysis (AfTA) is recognized as one of the nation's largest and most active volunteer organizations focusing on technical and investment analysis.

If you have an interest in technical analysis techniques that may help you make better trading/investing decisions........and are looking to learn from some of the world's most prominent sources of reliable information, then we have a lot to offer you.

We bring to you live and in person  the "Best of Breed" educators, traders, investors and software developers at our monthly meetings.  We have Special Interest Groups where local speakers present their personal methods of making profits in the markets.

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Meeting #6:     

Date:               Feb 19, 2019

Speaker:        Rande Howell


Time:              7:00 pm        

Topic:             Using Mindfulness to Develop an Edge in your Trader Psycology

Practically every trader has developed an edge in trading theory. But when put to the test with real capital at risk, that potential edge is compromised by unseen emotional forces that blow up the trading mind. And no matter how hard you try, the trading mind keeps getting mysteriously hijacked. It is happening right in front of you - if you only had the eyes to see it.

Mindfulness is the capacity to see, at last, what you have been missing. And to fix it. Imagine actually seeing what is causing the problems in your trading. Mindfulness is a skill every trader needs to develop if they are serious about converting their theoretical edge into a real edge that drives their performance mind.

Come and learn how to use Mindfulness to develop your potential as a trader. Please join me at the Dallas AfTA meeting on Feb. 19. I look forward to meeting you!

Speaker Bio:   Rande Howell is a performance coach and licensed therapist.  His work focuses on using emotions to build an effective mind for the management of uncertainty and is grounded in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and developing latent potential in traders.  He teaches traders how to harness emotions to achieve the performance edge so they can effectively control the mind that is brought into the moment of managing uncertainty, rather than attempting to control the outcome.

Rande travels, speaks, and trains internationally for the emotional finance community.  His publications have appeared in many venues and he is the author of the book, "Mindful Trading:  Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game".




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